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Our new topic this term is: Poppies and Peace.


Please find below the topic home learning poster with a range of activities for you to complete in your green book. This is also uploaded on google classroom. Why not have a try at one of these activities and take a picture of your amazing work. You could even upload it to google classroom for your teachers to see or email your pictures to the office !


Poppies and Peace Topic Home Learning

Following on from our Topic last term, Earliest Civilisations, we now turn to one civilisation and start to look in depth.

Our Topic this term is :

Ancient Egypt

We will be focusing specifically on : The afterlife, death ceremonies and mummification.  


The task

We would like you to create an information booklet/presentation, this can be in any form you choose.

The subject

The afterlife and mummification. 


What should you include?

What was the afterlife and why was it so important?

Why did the Ancient Egyptians mummify their dead?

What was the mummification process?

What was the book of the dead and what part did it play in the death ceremony?

Where were people buried?

What part did Canopic jars have in the death ceremony?


Think about your presentation and how you are going to set this out.  Can you come up with a catchy title?

There are lots of ways you can deliver this:

Create a paper account - write (in your best ever handwriting!) and draw (using the skills you have learnt in art - perspective remember!)

Create a power point

Record yourself delivering a speech (not any old speech - the speech to end all speeches!)

come up with your own inventive way.


For practical tasks why don't you become an Embalmer (ugh!) or make a Canopic jar.


A quick note for our would be embalmers - the resources ask you to use bicarbonate of soda - at this time it may be difficult to get hold of, so using just salt will be fine.


Below you will find lots of links to help you with your learning.  If you would like any support or advice then please contact one of the y5 teachers or you can ring the school and they can direct you.  Have fun with your learning and stay safe.


Mrs Potter smiley



How to mummify a tomato, make a Canopic jar and check my spellings are correct using the helpful glossary!

These links might (modal verb right there) help you with your information presentation.

Additional Learning


If you would like to learn more about ancient Egypt then please see the attachments below.  These are in addition to your topic learning so you don't HAVE to do them (but they are very interesting none the less) 

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