Poulner Junior School

PTA AGM zoom meeting Wednesday 21st October at 7pm

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Poulner Junior School Bringing Learning to Life

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Who's Who

Staff team

Safeguarding leaders

Designated Safeguard Lead: Mrs Jo Walker

CPLO trained: Mrs Barbara Johnson  

Leadership team:

Headteacher: Mrs Jo Walker

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Katie Cason

SEND & Inclusion Leader: Mrs Simone Smithson


Welfare team:

Lead Thrive Practitioner: Mrs Simone Smithson

Family Liaison Officer and Thrive practitioner: Mrs Barbara Johnson

ELSA: Mrs Abigail Page

Therapist: Ms Natasha Senior


Pupil Premium Champions:

PP Lead: Mrs Katie Cason

PP Teaching Assistant:Mrs Mameena Khan



Site & Administration team:

Site Manager: Mr Martyn Christopher

Cleaners: Mrs Kim Rogers,  Miss Paige Thorne


Finance Officer: Mrs Jayne Evry

Administrator Officers: Mrs Sue Kendrick, Mrs Nicky Jones


Lunchtime team:

Senior Playmaker: Mrs Kim Rogers

Playmakers: Mrs Linda Deabill, Mrs Abigail Page, Mrs Mameena Khan, Miss Shelley Moon-Brewer, Ms Natasha Senior, Mrs Charlotte Stephenson, Mrs Abigail Boden, Mrs Susan Aedy


Year 3 team:

Class teachers: Mrs Emma Merrills, Mrs Abi Priest, Mr Peter Butcher

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Theresa Meany, Mrs Cassie Lammas, Miss Ella Potter, Mrs Charlotte Stephenson


Year 4 team:

Class teachers: Mrs Fiona Charter, Mrs Charlie Potter

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Shelley Moon-Brewer, Mrs Lin Handel


Year 5 team:

Class teachers: Miss Vicky Parker, Mrs Jennny Hilton, Mrs Fern Giles, Miss Demi Curtin 

Teaching Assistants: Mr Richard Ryan , Ms Sally Riding, Mrs Susan Aedy, Miss Ella Potter


Year 6 team:

Class teachers: Mrs Nicky Homewood, Mrs Kelly Mettrick, Miss Grace Shrubsole, Miss Charlotte Zeal

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Abigail Page, Ms Natasha Senior, Mrs Katy Parker, Miss Katie Goodall, Miss Nadia Omar, Mrs Abigail Boden


JASPA After school Provision:

JASPA Lead: Miss Ella Potter

JASPA staff: Miss Katie Goodall, Miss Nadia Omar




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    School Details

  • Poulner Junior School
  • North Poulner Road
  • North Poulner
  • Ringwood
  • Hampshire
  • BH24 3LA


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