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Tuesday 23rd July 1.30pm finish for children. Have a lovely Summer

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Year 6

Jigsaw - Changing Me Year 6 Overview

Welcome to Year 6!

The home of inspirational Artists

Class Kidston, Class Picasso, Class Dali

Summer Term Topic:

This half term the children will be learning about...

The Great Outdoors!


Bikeability letter June 2019

Yr 6 Autumn term curriculum map 2018

Year 6 SATs Parent Information evening 30.1.2019

Year 6 Visit to J. P. Morgan


On Tuesday 13th November eighteen children from Year 6 visited J. P. Morgan in Bournemouth and took part in their Code Club.  It was very definitely a fun and interesting day for everyone.


To begin with the children were given a “Cyber Talk” which included information on Internet safety and how their day at J. P. Morgan would evolve.The children then took part in a “Lego DevOps” game within which the children assigned themselves roles in order to build a structure made of Lego. The game emphasised the need for team work and the value in using such a framework.


Next the children took part in a programming game called Robocode where the goal is to code a robot battle tank to compete against other robots in a battle arena. The children learnt to program using the Java programming language for this activity. The children worked hard and successfully programmed and played the game.  Fantastic and impressive work!


After lunch, the children took part in a couple more team working and problem-solving games.  The first game “Agile” involved the children selecting tasks they thought they could complete quickly within four minutes! The second game was another team-building activity where teams built the tallest tower they could from newspaper.


Finally, the day ended with a Robocode Final and presentation of Code Club certificates.  The children thanked the J. P. Morgan staff for their time and such a great experience.


All in all, a fantastic day!


Osmington Residential 2018

15-19th October 2018


Message from the Year 6 team:


They have all arrived safely and had lunch and played games in the sports hall.  They are now checking out their berooms!  As it has now dried up they are going to head down to the beach for the afternoon, before heading back for tea and evening entertainment!

Photos of day 1 will appear shortly!!


2.30pm 15/10/2018

What an amazing day of activities! We have been sailing, abseiling, rifle shooting, climbing jacob's ladder, playing aeroball, flying the giant swing, climbing along the low ropes and crawling through the tunnel trail. The children have overcome personal challenges and we have all been really proud of their achievements. The PGL staff have commented on the exemplary behaviour of the children and their attitude towards all the activities. This evening ended with a treasure hunt around the site, collecting flags from various countries and solving clues. They are all safely tucked up in bed and fast asleep - tired but looking forward to tomorrow.
Despite the rain today, we've had another fantastic day. The children have surpassed themselves with their resilience and enthusiasm to all the activities. There are other schools on the site with us, but our children are being singled out by the instructors as polite and approaching every task with determination and team work. We are very proud to be PJS!!! Of course, it's not just about the activities but also the food!! Everyone is eating very well - 3 big meals a day - and they need it after all the energy they put into the day and evening activities. They are all outside now enjoying a game of 'ambush' - a more exciting version of hide-and-seek. 
And... we don't forget birthdays and even the tooth fairy managed to find us!!!

Day 4

The sun was shining, the views of the bay were stunning and yet again the children were amazing. Everywhere we go we are complimented by instructors and teachers of the other schools as to how well-behaved and polite the children are - we have earned quite a reputation here!!! Its been another action packed day finished off by a visit to the shop to buy souvenirs and then a disco. We easily won the dance off - and that was just the teachers!!! As we write, the children are packing as every moment until we leave will be full of activities and last minute fun. We will post more photos tomorrow. See you all tomorrow.

Yr 6 Meet the teacher 2018

Year 6 Recommended Reading List

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