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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 

The home of inspirational Artists


Kidston: Miss Shrubsole

Picasso: Mrs Homewood & Mrs Mettrick

Dali: Mrs Cason & Mrs Giles 

Our lovely support staff: Mrs Page and Mrs Meany



Staying in touch..

Working from home - find what you need here


We are also uploading all learning onto Google Classroom, so if you haven't logged in yet, come and say Hi to us!

Half-term holiday ideas !

Hello year 6 - Did you know that Edinburgh zoo are now live streaming so you can look in on the animals.  click on the link below to see penguins, koalas, tigers and the UK's only panda.

Key Information:

Year 6 Recommended Reading List

Curriculum Overviews:


Year 6 Overview 2019-2020

Jigsaw - Changing Me Year 6 Overview

Autumn Term 2019 Topic:

This half term the children will be learning about...

Ancient Greeks






Osmington Residential 2019

21-25th October 2019


We have all arrived safely, played some team games and explored our bedrooms. The weather has been beautiful so we explored the beach and completed a team challenge: who can build the tallest and most decorative tower from just what they find on the beach? Some were very creative! The large dinner was eaten by everyone - including the large slabs of chocolate rice crispy cake! Everyone is out playing 'Ambush' - a big game of hide and seek and will be suitably tired to fall into bed and straight to sleep later!!

Day 2

Today has been all about overcoming personal challenges. The children have been amazing at taking part in some tough activities - be it climbing a 6m pole and jumping off for the 'Trapeze', being swung on a 'giant swing' that can reach the height of 10m or riding the waves in a kayak. We are so proud of how the children have supported each other, encouraging each other to take risks and showing great resilience. The children have all had lots of fun and are now tucked up in bed fast asleep!

Oh, and we played until the sun set!!

Day 3

The week has continued with a fresh bunch of activities!! Today we have been street-surfing, abseiling and orienteering and we have been impressed with the way the children have faced their new challenges. Today was our first taste of the cold and the Weymouth wind but luckily we have a full English breakfast on offer every day as well as a large lunch and dinner (lots of chips today!!) The children are eating really well and the staff are too!!

Day 4

Today we have braved the Dragon boat racing in the glorious sunshine!! The Poulner team spirit shone through as they chanted and rowed in unison. The instructors commented on how resilient the children were and how well they worked as a team. Tonight has all been about the dancing at the disco. As usual, everyone showed us their best dance moves, including the teachers - Miss Zeal won the dance off! The children have had an amazing time and continue to impress us with their kindness, friendship and perseverance. They have all enjoyed their Osmington adventure, are tired and looking forward to seeing their families tomorrow.

What a gorgeous day!!
And we don't forget birthdays!!

Year 6 2018-2019


Year 6 SATs Parent Information evening 30.1.2019

Y6 Osmington Bay Parents evening

Yr 6 Autumn term curriculum map 2018

Bikeability letter June 2019

Year 6 Visit to J. P. Morgan


On Tuesday 13th November eighteen children from Year 6 visited J. P. Morgan in Bournemouth and took part in their Code Club.  It was very definitely a fun and interesting day for everyone.


To begin with the children were given a “Cyber Talk” which included information on Internet safety and how their day at J. P. Morgan would evolve.The children then took part in a “Lego DevOps” game within which the children assigned themselves roles in order to build a structure made of Lego. The game emphasised the need for team work and the value in using such a framework.


Next the children took part in a programming game called Robocode where the goal is to code a robot battle tank to compete against other robots in a battle arena. The children learnt to program using the Java programming language for this activity. The children worked hard and successfully programmed and played the game.  Fantastic and impressive work!


After lunch, the children took part in a couple more team working and problem-solving games.  The first game “Agile” involved the children selecting tasks they thought they could complete quickly within four minutes! The second game was another team-building activity where teams built the tallest tower they could from newspaper.


Finally, the day ended with a Robocode Final and presentation of Code Club certificates.  The children thanked the J. P. Morgan staff for their time and such a great experience.


All in all, a fantastic day!


Year 6 2017-2018


Yr 6 Meet the teacher 2018

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