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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! 

The home of inspirational Artists


Kidston: Miss Shrubsole

Picasso: Mrs Homewood & Mrs Mettrick

Dali: Miss Zeal

Our lovely support staff: Mrs Page, Mrs Senior, Miss Omar, Ms Parker and

Miss Goodall



Home Learning - Google Classroom

In the event of children being required to learn from home, including during periods of self-isolation, all home learning will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Here, children can find and complete their home learning before submitting it back to their teacher to be marked.


If you are unsure of how to access Google Classroom or need some help with troubleshooting, take a look at the Powerpoint below:

Key Information:

Year 6 Meet The Teacher September 2020

Year 6 yearly overview

Osmington Residential 2021

11th - 14th July 2011

If you are self-isolating, please phone the school office so we can arrange for your learning to be sent to you, Thank you.



House Captains 2020-2021


Wow! What an incredible election we have had for this year's house captain vote!! We had 41 (yes 41!) candidates put themselves forward to represent their house from year 6.

We are all so so soooo proud of every single one of the year 6s for putting so much effort into their letter and for truly showing what being a PJS is all about - being the best you can be!!


After collecting and counting the hundreds of anonymous voting slips, we are pleased to introduce you to this year's house captains...

Year 6 House Captains 2020-21


  Lisle House - Seb & James


 Rufus House - Issy & Ellis


 Tyrrell House - Rosheen & Elizabeth


  Monmouth House - Olivia & Max


Some of the key responsibilities of our House Captains include:

  • To be a role model in terms of attitude, attendance, behaviour, manners and appearance to all members of PJS. 
  • To work together with the other House Captains.
  • To organise House meetings and communicate clearly and effectively with all members of the House team.
  • To help organise and support House activities including, Inter-House Competitions.
  • To support and model positive behaviour around the school.
  • To support their house members always.
  • To wear the House Captain’s badge with pride


A HUGE congratulations to all those involved.

We look forward to a great year! 



Autumn Term 2 2020 Topic:

This half term the children will be learning about...

Marvellous Maya

Autumn Term 1 2020 Topic:

This half term the children will be learning about...

Ancient Greeks






What did Ancient Greece do for us?



We were given some picture clues which were related to Ancient Greece. First we discussed our ideas and then we were given the clues to match to the pictures.

When was Ancient Greece?

We explore different historical time lines and had to place civilisations/periods studied in chronological order and compare the overlap in duration and intervals between them.

Which famous Greek is the most influential?

After researching into some famous Greek people, we prepared our speeches and had a debate in class as to which famous Greek should remain in the Hall of Fame and which famous Greek should be ostracised

What was the most significant Greek influence?

We reflected on our Greek topic work this half term and designed a stamp which represented what we thought was the most significant Greek influence.



Autumn 1 Science - HEARTBEAT

Why does my finger bleed? We explored the heart and its purpose.

How do I breath? We made a model of our lungs to help us understand how our lungs work. We then investigated our lung capacity.

What is blood needed for?

Last year's Residential trip to Osmington... here is a sneak preview of activities to expect in the summer term!!

Oh, and we played until the sun set!!
What a gorgeous day!!
And we don't forget birthdays!!

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