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Open Evening for Year 2 Parents Tuesday 16th November 6pm--------To view our new School Tour Video go to the About Us tab and click on School Tour and the Welcome to our School link--------Fireworks Spectacular, we are so pleased to be bringing back our Community Fireworks display on the evening of 6th November, gates open at 6pm. Tickets are available to purchase from:

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How do I book my child on for sessions?

You can book onto sessions through SCO-pay (which is the same place you pay for school trips and school dinners). If you have any issues then you can email the JASPA email address and Miss Potter will be happy to help.


Where do I pick my child up from?

All children need to be picked up from the Community Room at the far end of the school car park.


How much does a JASPA session cost?

Each session costs £10 per child.


Can I use Childcare Vouchers to pay for JASPA sessions?

Yes! We accept various vouchers from different providers as a form of payment. Please email us the reference number you receive from the voucher company so that we can follow up each payment and see who it is coming from!


Do I have to book the same sessions each week?

You can book any sessions that you like! We do not expect you to book the same sessions each week and are happy for you to use us ad hoc. We check the registers each morning so you are able to book right up until the last minute. We do ask that if you book on after 12:30pm, for the same day, that you call and let the school office know, as we may not see updates after this.


Can my child do homework or other schoolwork while at JASPA?

We run a set activity each afternoon, but children don't have to join in if they don't want to and are welcome to do schoolwork, or sit and read quietly if they wish. There will always be a member of staff in the Community Room who is on hand to help if needed.


What time can I pick my child up?

We are open from 3:00pm until 6:15pm and you are welcome to pick up your child at any point during the session. There is a phone number to call on the door to alert a member of staff to your arrival. We will then sign your child out and bring them to the door.


What do I need to do before my child attends JASPA?

We ask that you return all necessary forms (found under this section of the website) to school before your child attends any sessions. Unfortunately we will not be able to allow any children to attend whose forms we haven't received.

We also ask that you send us photos of anyone (over the age of 18) that is approved to pick up your child from JASPA. If the photos are not sent to us before the child's first session then the person picking up will need to bring a form of photo ID with them.


Any other questions not answered here, please email Miss Potter and she will be happy to help!





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