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Meet the Teacher Zoom Meetings Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd September- please check times and we will send you the link!

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Coronavirus Update 21.3.20 PLEASE READ



We need your help, as a school the percentage of the children who have registered interest for your children to attend school next week is higher than anticipated.  We recognise that parents have viewed the Keyworkers list and therefore this facility is an option to you.  But the truth of this is that we urge you not to use us unless you absolutely need to.  Please just send your child on the days that you have to work.  Please do not use us just because it will make working from home easier for you. The more children we have attend, then the more at risk both they and staff are.   We have over the weekend split the staff into two teams to reduce exposure and range of contamination.  We can do great things with the children once we come through these next few challenging months. 


Keep safe and thank you for your support.


Jo Walker


If you can review your plans and keep them at home then please just call us on Monday- we really won't mind!

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