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Have a look at some of our whole school events!
Our big hall boards now all finished showing the work we did in our British Values Week! 
British Values Week - February 2019

At this time of year, before the half term holiday we hold a theme week - a chance for the whole school to spend some time investigating a part of the curriculum or wider curriculum. This term we focused on the British Values as our theme, splitting them between our four year teams to work on during some of the afternoon lessons. Following on from some assemblies on the themes earlier in the year, we looked at what the values were, how we see them in school and the wider world, how they ended up being selected to be one of the values and how we would wish to see them displayed in a future world of our creation. Each year team also looked to find someone in British history who they thought displayed those values and the children found out about them and their stories. 

Year 3 were given the task of looking at Respect and Tolerance and also looked at the work of Dr Barnado with regard to those values. 

Year 4 tackled the concept of Individual Liberty with a focus on William Wilberforce and his work to end the slave trade.

Year 5 investigated Democracy, looking at the work of Emmiline Pankhurst and the Sufferage Movement. 

Year 6 found out about Rule of Law and spent an afternoon with one of our Governors who is a local magistrate, looking at how the court runs and sentencing works and is decided upon. 

I think one of the main things that the children took from the week was a sense of what is fair and just, lots of comments from them about how unfair it was for the street children, slaves and suffragettes; whilst in Year 6, gaining an understanding of how justice works within the local courts. Lots was learnt and all year groups have said they will be taking a little more time after the break to finish off and see how the children would apply their value in a future world of their creation. 

Attached is a sample of some of the work done at various points this week!

World Book Day 2018

Poulner in the snow!!

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