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New 2017:

Mrs Jo Walker Headteacher


Our Staff

Our Staff 1 Mr Heath is our 50% Deputy Headteacher
Our Staff 2 Mrs Cason is our 50% Deputy Headteacher
Our Staff 3 Mrs May is INCO
Our Staff 4 Mr Christopher is our site manager
Our Staff 5 Miss Treble is currently on leave.
Our Staff 6 Mrs White runs our school library and reception
Our Staff 7 Mrs Giles leads Upper School and English.
Our Staff 8 Mr Butcher teaches in Year 5
Our Staff 9 Mrs Hepburn teaches in Y4 and leads Maths
Our Staff 10 Mrs Merrills teachers in Y5 / leads on Environment
Our Staff 11 Mrs Homewood teaches in Y5 and leads Art
Our Staff 12 Mrs Broomfield teaches in Year 3
Our Staff 13 Mr Hypher teaches in Year 3 and leads on Science
Our Staff 14 Mr Sills teaches in Year 3 and leads PE
Our Staff 15 Mr Assinder teaches in Year 4 and leads MFL
Our Staff 16 Mrs Mettrick teaches in Year 6 and leads Reading
Our Staff 17 Mrs Hilton teaches in Y4 and leads PSHE
Our Staff 18 Mrs Charter teaches 6FC and leads SMSC/RE
Our Staff 19 Mrs Temple Edwards supports learning
Our Staff 20 Mrs Paige Supports Learning
Our Staff 21 Miss Parker teaches in Y6 and leads Geography
Our Staff 22 Mrs Meany supports learning
Our Staff 23 Mrs Handel supports learning
Our Staff 24 Mrs Johnson is our family liaison worker
Our Staff 25 Mrs Parker supports learning.
Our Staff 26 Mrs Willis supports learning
Our Staff 27 Mrs Hazelwood supports learning
Our Staff 28 Mr Ryan supports learning
Our Staff 29 Mrs Gregory supports learning