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28/5/2020 Don't forget the Virtual Camp on Saturday night. See Latest News for more details 19/05/20 - For Year 6 Letter re Government requests for schools to reopen from 1st June see News and Events; Letters 26/3/20 - If your child usually does Reading Plus or Lexia please ensure they are logging on regularly. If you can't remember your login details please contact the school.

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Newton Updated 17th May

Week 8 of lockdown over! It's now Sunday afternoon and I have just finished checking all of the Google Classroom work has loaded properly! 


Well, as most of you know I spent last week at school actually having to teach! It's been a while since I did that! I did week 1 and then the first day of the Easter holidays. We have anywhere between 6 - 20 children in depending on the day and what shifts their parents are working, so until we shut the gate we aren't always sure who we will have in class. It's very odd with the tables all spread out and not being able to get to close to people - showing someone how to do something now can't be done in their book unless they are standing 2 metres away, by which time they can't see what we are doing! Never mind, it all adds to the fun of the day! This week as well as the usual maths and English we learnt about evacuees in World War 2, wrote letters to some of the elderly people in Ringwood who are living on their own and not allowed out and spray painted plant pots before putting in compost and seeds.


News this week: 


TTRS - Well done Reece - a new certificate, Rock Star with a time of 2.96 seconds!

           Louie with a time of 4.38 seconds as a Support Act


Lexia - Jack a stonking 29 units this week! I think he must have done nothing else! A new                        certificate for passing C5 Level 13.

          Louie well done - 13 units this week - not far to the end of your Level 10! The bear is safe              at the moment! wink


I saw Ella on Friday - yes, in person! The first one of you I have actually spoken to in real life for ages (apart from Charlotte in school). That was a nice surprise to see her outside school and have a chat too as I was leaving on Friday, she was out on her bike with her mum. Also a mention for Louie's mum and Austin's dad, they were both in dropping off and picking things up from school during the week so I had a quick chat with them too. 


Several of you have made the banana muffins from the recipe a few weeks ago and asked do I have any other cake recipes you can try - well here is another of my favourites but you will need an adult to help as it involves boiling water!  


If you try it let me know how it tastes! I currently have a lemon drizzle cake in the oven so maybe that will be next week's recipe if it works! 


Looking forward to catching up with you on Zoom again this week - same links as last time will work! 


Mrs C





Hello again Team Newton! 


It was lovely so see so many of you this week on the Zoom meetings and to catch up on what you have been up to whilst not in school. Lots of Italian food being made and eaten as part of your looking at Italy as a topic. Also interesting to meet the 11 dogs, 3 cats, 2 guinea pigs, assorted family members and other people who turned up in the background! I expect I will be seeing many of you online again this week either on Monday or Wednesday morning. 


Lots of you have had birthdays in the last week and so have I! I did get pizza and ice cream for dinner and I know Charlotte had a special ice cream delivery on her birthday as well! 


I took this picture as they came out the oven and before they vanished this time! More banana muffins - Ivy had a go with the recipe and said they were good! 


Maths this week is time telling so have fun with the clocks! Still no new certificates for TTRS this week! If you haven't already, have a look at the music link on Google classroom and try to spot Mr Brooks! 


More next week! 


Mrs C










Hello Newton!

Another week has gone by - I've been enjoying reading the poems of those of you who are using the Google classroom, lots of great vocabulary being used. Big shout out to Louie, who wrote his as if he was walking around on a journey! 


TTRS this week - no new certificates surprise what has happened there? Some of you have a faster time though, so keep going! 


Today I am going to be sending out the emails for the Zoom meetings, these will be on Monday and Wednesday next week. Unfortunately I have had all of my internet cables torn from the box outside my house (along with everyone else in my road) so I have no internet at home angry This means I have to drive to school to do anything on my laptop, including Zoom. All a bit frustrating! On a positive note though ... look what I have finished! 


 That is now all back in it's box and at the weekend we will start the next one! No more tanks, I promise! I think the next one is Marvel characters.


Other news - I have been learning a new skill!  

Balancing a cat on my headlaugh   

Looking forward to seeing you for the Zoom catch up next week and catching up on what you have all been up to! 

Stay safe, 

Mrs C














Well hello again! 


Easter has come and gone and we are now officially in the summer term! It's just a shame we aren't all together to enjoy it. At the moment I am in the classroom on my own crying but I can see Charlotte and the other 6 children who are in today enjoying the whole field to themselves for break time! I have finally met Poppy who started in our class before Easter - by met I mean I stuck my head out of the fire door and waved at her as she was on the path outside Mr Butcher's room. I am just in school to use the internet during the mornings this week, not actually teaching so I have to stay in our room out of the way! 


This weeks top stories: 

TTRS - Shout out to Jack - Rock Star status laugh and Liberty is now a Gigger yes

           Lots of you faster including Tom, Lara and Evie! 


Mrs Charter made banana muffins but they vanished before I could take a picture! However - I hear lots of you are baking at home so here is the link if you fancy having a go, they are very tasty and good for you too!


 Question for the week:  how did Mrs Charter end up here? That should get you thinking! Answer available when we are all back in class! 


The Year 4 teachers had a Zoom meeting with Mrs Walker yesterday - I know what you are thinking ... yet more technology to confuse Mrs C! Well it all went okay, Mrs W managed to freeze her picture on the screen, we could hear Mrs H's dog, Mr B had no sound for a while and Mrs F's children made an appearance! For once nothing went wrong on my end! It was nice to see everyone again, I only see Mrs H as we are on the same team for being in school to teach. 



Hopefully you are all still fit, fine and healthy - more next week! 


Mrs C


p.s. It's got this bad - look what Mrs Johnson has lent me! 

 It has pictures of 4 different tanks .... this is my excitement each day

Thursday 2nd April


 laughHello Team Newton! 


Well week 2 nearly done - this week I have been working from home. Sorting out how to work the new Google Classroom has been my challenge this week along with making chocolate cake! I would have posted a picture of the whole cake but it seems to have nearly all been eaten without me knowing who had any! This is what is left after less than 24 hours and i have had just one piece!


TT Rockstars this week - top 3 

                                              1st: Evie

                                               2nd: Lilly

                                               3rd: Jack


Well done to Jack for becoming a Headliner this week! I will sort the certificates out on the wall when I am back in school on Monday next week. 


A special day today for Newton - we have a new member of the class so welcome to Poppy! She has had the strangest first day ever at Poulner with no-one else from the class there and no teacher from Y4 to welcome her either! A big thank you to Miss Curtin who was teaching her today with the other children from Y3 & 4. I will get to meet her soon I am sure, and some of you may remember her from the Infants as she was there with you! 


I'm loving seeing what you have all been up to with your time at home from what you are uploading on the online classroom. I have used the email on it to send your Lexia and TTRS certificates to you, so check your inbox if you haven't already! 


I hope you are all still safe and well,

More next week, 


Mrs C

Wednesday 25th March


laugh  Hello Team Newton! 


Well, it's all very strange and quiet here without you all! Charlotte has been the only member of the class in with me, along with a few from Curie and Hawking. Hopefully the rest of you are all staying at home and are fine, fit and healthy! 


I have just printed out your TT Rockstars certificates and after typing this I need to go and find a ladder to climb to put them up. I can see how many of you have been on each day so far - keep it up gang, your scores are going up and your times are getting faster already. This week - shout outs to Louie - now an Unsigned Act and Ella - now part of  the rude bunch! Fantastic work you two - keep it up! Izzy - now just 2 tenths of a second off being our first Rock Hero! 9 others of you have faster scores and lots of you are close to the next level - give me some more names to post up here next week! 


I have moved into Mr Butcher's room so can't find a thing! All of the teachers have been split into teams so that we don't all need to be in at once and we then work at home and can spend time looking after our families too. I have been in all of this week and Mr B will take over on Monday. ( I will have finished re-organising his room by then so he won't find anything either cheeky)  I have had to learn to type in gloves - not very easy i can tell you! And as for using the interactive board ... sad ... lets just say the board isn't keen on me wearing them either! 


Lilly and Dolly - I saw your mums yesterday going past school, they both said you are working well at home - Dolly well done for doing all of the Joe Wicks workout when everyone else gave up! Louie - the rule is you have to wave at your teacher when she waves at you! I saw you out on your bike when I left school yesterday afternoon! 


Don't forget you can email via the office if you are stuck on anything or want to send me anything you have done, then it will get forwarded to me even if it's not my week in school. Those of you who have asked for paper copies  of the work on the website, remind your parents to come and collect it during school hours - its outside the front door and I can see 3 from Newton in the pile.


Time to go and find that ladder and take the Zach alarm off my watch - it's buzzing now! ( I know - I said I was going to do that last week but I only remember when it buzzes and then I'm always doing something else!)


More next week - stay safe out there. 


Mrs C

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