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Remarkable Romans


Now that we have studied the Romans for the last term, we would love you to create an information booklet all about the Romans. You can use the Roman Soldier book below and the internet to help you with your research but below are some ideas that you could include in your information booklet. 


  • Roman Roads, water, baths, coins etc. 
  • Julius Ceaser and Emperor Claudius
  • Boudicca
  • Roman Calendar 
  • Reason for Roman's invading Britain (ambition, slaves, raw materials, power, valuable metals)
  • The Roman Armour 
  • The Invasions (First, Second and Third)


You can present this however you like and you can always take a picture of it and upload it onto Google Classroom for us to have a look at. Be creative as you can and don't forget to make it colourful! smiley


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