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Thank you for all your donations to our Bags2School collection on 11th June, helping towards PTA fundraising 19/05/20 - For Year 6 Letter re Government requests for schools to reopen from 1st June see News and Events; Letters 26/3/20 - If your child usually does Reading Plus or Lexia please ensure they are logging on regularly. If you can't remember your login details please contact the school.

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Hawking updated 18th June



We have a new fastest time on TTRockstars this week!!


A HUGE well done 👍 and big round of applause 👏👏👏👏👏 to  .....




We are really proud of you Bobby, keep up the good work!

From Mrs H and Mrs F 😊





Update 18th June 


Hello team Hawking!


So lots has changed since I wrote to you last - we now have more key worker children in school and most of the Year 6 children have returned too!  This means that almost all teachers and teaching assistants are back in school.  All of the year 6 classes have been split into two groups, so they now need 6 teachers, there are also year 3, 4 and 5 bases for the key worker children - Mrs Charter is teaching all of the year 4s who are in school now...I saw Hayden, Lydia, Rebecca and Mia the other day in school - I did apologise to them for having to put up with Mrs Charter's jokes!!  Mr Butcher is teaching a group of year 5 key worker children. 


Because Mrs Fletcher is still shielding, she has not returned to school, but has taken over all Year 4 zoom calls and Google Classroom.  I am also not back in class yet as a precaution as I have asthma.  I do still head into school, usually one day a week, to photocopy all of the learning packs for sending home and help with any preparation that is needed.  The rest of the time I have taken over all other Google Classrooms and Year 3 and 5 zoom calls.  I already know most of the year 5s as I taught them last year, but I have been getting to know some of the year 3 children over the past couple of weeks too.  I must say that I am missing seeing all of your work and smiley faces though, so I will do my best to join your Friday zoom just so I can keep saying hello.


The school itself looks a little bit different - I will add some photos to the website so that all children can see them.  The biggest change is that everyone has their temperature checked on the way in to school and we have hand sanitizing stations set up around the school.  There is tape and arrows on the floor so that people know which way to go through school, and each group of children have a particular set of toilets they are allowed to use!  The desks in the classrooms are spread out a bit more so that everyone can stay socially distanced, and the teachers have an area at the front of the room that only they are allowed in.    The library is also looking lovely and bright as it has been painted to match the colours of the furniture.


Another fantastic change since I last wrote is that 18 of you have been on TTRockstars this week!!!!!  Woohoo!!!  There have been no best times gained, but it is great to see so many of you back on there.  Keep it up!!  When I checked TTRockstars a couple of weeks ago, only Archie and Lydia had played that week, so a massive well done to you two for being ahead of the game.  This week's congratulations go to: Mia, Bobby, Chloe B, Amelie, Thomas, Archie, Izzy, Olivia, Sam, Oliver, Hayden, Jude, Lydia, Elyse, Rebecca, Chloe M, Max and Julia.


One thing that hasn't changed since I last wrote to you is how naughty Norman the tortoise is.... he dug an even bigger hole in the garden at the start of the week!  He got so grubby he needed to have a bath afterwards!!  Also, Sammy is still loving being allowed to run in the forest - I think he has managed to forget all about the time he wasn't allowed :).


Finally, if any of you are keen cooks, check out Mrs Charter's class update (Newton).  They have been adding recipes to their page and some of them look delicious!!  (Don't tell her I told you though...she told Izzy that she had to leave Hawking and become part of Newton to be allowed the recipes!!)


I hope you are all keeping well and will hopefully see you at the Friday zoom with Mrs Fletcher.


Stay safe!!


Mrs H



Hello Team Hawking!


I hope you are well and have managed to get outside in the lovely weather we've been having.  Sammy was very excited to get be allowed to go back to the forest this week, he hasn't had a really good run around for weeks! 


I have even managed to get Norman out in his run in the garden - although he tried to dig his way out!  He's not called naughty Norman for nothing!



Mrs Fletcher says her garden is looking lovely - all of her vegetables are growing well!  She also says she is missing everyone as she cannot come into school because they are shielding, but loves seeing you all on zoom!  She is really looking forward to the zoom bake off next week!


As some of you know, I was in school last week.  It was really nice to see some of the other children - I didn't get to see anyone from Hawking, but I saw a couple of children from Curie.  It was also good to catch up with Mrs Charter, who is in the same 'team' as me at school.   It was very strange having to reorganise our classroom so that everyone could be socially distanced, and helping children when they are stuck also has to be done from 2m away!  It's all the fun of learning new ways to do things!  The children in school did their Google Classroom work like you do at home and in the afternoons learnt about evacuees in WW2, listened to and learnt a song from WW2, wrote letters to local residents who may be feeling lonely and spray painted pots and planted seeds in them.  I had a go at Zooming my Friday group from school - that was interesting!!  Zooming from school is not so easy!  I had a chat with about 6 children, but could only see one at a time as my gallery view would not come up!  Still it was nice to catch up all the same, and I managed to join Mrs Fletcher's groups from home on Monday too.


Zoom meetings will still go ahead next week even though it is half term.  There will be a couple on Monday and one on Friday - if you want to join those, that would be great, but we understand if you want the half term week off!!  There will also be some ideas for things to do on the Google classroom, but you are not expected to be working.


I'm afraid I haven't had any TTRockstars news to report now for about 3 weeks!!  Nobody has improved their time or earned a new status..... have you all forgotten about it?  Let's see who rises to the challenge to improve their time over the next two weeks!

Well done to Sam who has gained 3 units on Lexia so far this week, and to Mia, Rebecca and Darcy who have all met their Lexia targets!  If you use Lexia, but your name isn't here, see if you can challenge yourself to get a mention next time!  Remember - it is more important than you meet the target number of units on Lexia, not just the time.  If a unit takes you longer than expected, that is fine, but carry on to complete the others if you can.


Lots of you have been baking during lockdown - if you have any good recipes, send me the links on google classroom and I will try to post them on here.  


I am looking forward to seeing you again soon on Zoom - I am in school on bank holiday Monday with Mrs Charter and some key worker children, so I'm not sure if I will be able to make those meetings, but Mrs Fletcher will be there!


Have a great half term!


Stay safe,

Mrs H







Hello Team Hawking,


We hope you enjoyed the Easter break and are now getting to grips with your new learning platform, Google Classroom...this has taken us some time to get used to too!  We have put your English, Maths and topic work on there now, and your spelling lists for this half term.  Make sure you have a look.  If you are struggling to access or complete the work you can contact us through Google Classroom.  If you need printed copies, phone the school office who will be able to leave that outside for you to collect.  The most important thing is that you keep doing the best that you can, whilst staying safe!


Well done to Julia and Bobby who both improved their times on TTRockstars over the Easter Holidays!  I can see that some of you have yet to play since you have been at home; remember that this is a really good way to improve your times tables knowledge, which will help in all areas of maths.


Congratulations too to Mia and Rebecca who have both made huge progress with their Lexia programmes!  laugh  If you use the Lexia programme, but haven't been on recently, remember to keep up with your minutes each week.


It has been lovely to see a few of you (from a safe distance 😉) whilst taking my daily exercise.  Give me a wave if you spot me!


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Hepburn and Mrs Fletcher.

Hello team Hawking!

I hope you’ve had a good week of home school.  We are both working from home this week too!  In between checking your messages, and preparing the next bits of learning for you, I have been trying to get my head around Year 9 work with my son, whilst Mrs Fletcher has been teaching phonics to her daughter (and playing pirates too!)


Well done to those of you who have logged on to Google classroom and had a go at the practice tasks on there – we have been learning how to use this too!  If you haven’t looked at that yet, ask your parents to check their email for your log in details as this is where all of your work will be uploaded after Easter. 


Lexia:  Well done to our Lexia stars this week – Mia and Rebecca you have already completed all of your time.  Keep up the good work!  If you haven’t been on yet this week, try to fit it in to the next few days.


TTRockstars:  Only 13 of you have been on since last Wednesday (3 of you were on Wednesday last week) …don’t forget to keep practising!  Our 13 rockstars this week are:

Chloe, James, Darcy, Kian, Mia, Chloe, Harry, Olivia, Archie, Ava, Hayden, Joshy and Julia.


New statuses, or improved speeds, this week for:

Julia and Kian.


Our top 3 for most correct answers this week are:

3rd Place: Hayden

2nd Place: Kian

1st Place: Julia

Well done you 3!!!


I am pleased to tell you that 4 out of the top 5 across the whole school come from team Hawking!  A HUGE well done to Julia, Hayden, Kian and Lewis (our Rock Heroes!).


Have a great rest of the week and a restful Easter Break!


Take care and stay safe,


Mrs Hepburn and Mrs Fletcher.

Hello Team Hawking!


I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying spending time with your families.  


Well done to those of you who have been on TTRockstars this week - 14 of you so far!  Great to see that Hawking's 3 rock heroes are still leading the way across Poulner Junior School - well done you three!

Well done to:

Sam         Rebecca       Chloe       Jake       Riley        Kian      Hayden     and Julia

You have all improved your times this week!


This week's positions for the most improved amount of accurate answers are:

3rd place - REBECCA

2nd place - HAYDEN

1st place - JULIA 

A super big WELL DONE to you three.


Look out for new links popping up - I have added lots of music ones to explore this week - can you write your own piece of music on music lab?


From Mrs Hepburn



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