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Monday 7th September 2020 - Autumn term first day back for children 26/3/20 - If your child usually does Reading Plus or Lexia please ensure they are logging on regularly. If you can't remember your login details please contact the school.

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The Smugglers of Mourne - a simple story in rhyme about a son of a smuggler

In school we would have all been reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson this half term. However ... as we aren't all in class and not many of you will have the book at home, here is a link to the story in 10 parts for you to watch and listen to from the BBC bitesize website.   



Make sure you keep up your reading at home - try to find a range of texts which challenge you and where you learn new vocabulary. Can you try to read one book from each of the following:

  • A different time period ( the past, the future)
  • An adventure story
  • A story that you wouldn't usually read ( try a book which may be aimed at boys if you are a girl, or girls if you are a boy)
  • A non - fiction book
  • A fiction book
  • A poem or poetry book
  • Find out which books your parents enjoyed as children - can you find a copy of one of those to read? 

Make sure you keep a record of what you have read in your school diary! 


  Reading - with a book which you have just finished reading; write a book review. Think back to what we did before Christmas, you need to include the name of the author, a summary of the story (without giving the end away) and then what you thought of it and why. Remember to use the text to give examples to back up your opinions.

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