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PTA AGM zoom meeting Wednesday 21st October at 7pm

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This week we are reminiscing about our time at Poulner Junior School. You will be creating a memory book which will capture your favourite memories! It is up to you what your memory book looks like. You can do it in your green book, online or on paper!


Day 1: Design a front cover for your memory book. After, write a mini auto-biography of time at Poulner using the WAGOLL if needed.


Day 2: Using the Map of PJS, Create your own version of what the school looks like for you and then label your favourite places. E.g Secret garden, swimming pool.


Day 3: Thinking about your favourite places in school, write a bit about each place. You might want to write a poems, draw pictures or sketches.


Day 4: Now it’s time to start thinking about your friends. Here you might want to include portraits, character descriptions. Capture all the things you like about your friends! Here you could also include special memories about when you first met them or what you like most about them/ when they made you laugh the hardest!


Day 5: Hall of fame page - How I want to be remembered at PJS. A few snapshots about what you have achieved during your time at PJS!

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