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English and Topic


The Magic Box


This week have a look at this poem called "The Magic Box" by Kit Wright (Found below). Here are 4 sessions for you to do to enable you to write your own Magic Box Poem. 


Session 1: Have a look at the poem "The Magic Box" and underline/ highlight all the amazing vocabulary that is used. One you have underlined/ highlighted it, think about why you think those words are amazing. What makes them powerful? Why do you think Kit Wright has used those words? How many things has he put in his box in each stanza (verse)? 


Session 2: Create your own box!! Gather things from around the house/ garden that you can put in your box. Make it interesting items as well as your favourite things! Remember, the things you put in your box you will have to write about in your poem! Decorate your box as well, as you will need to describe your box too!


Session 3: Using the box you made in the previous session and the powerpoint on similes, take one item out at a time and describe it using some lovely adjectives adn similes that you have in your brains! Write them down for each object in your green learning book ready to be used to write your own poem. 


REMEMBER: Similes are used to describe something using "like" or "as"


e.g. Miss Zeal was a pretty as a purple flower. 

The fire was as hot as the sun. 


Session 4: Using the word document at the bottom of this section or you can use plain paper/ home learning books, write your own poem in the style of Kit Wright. Things to remember:


1. Three objects in each stanza

2. Start each verse with "I will put in my box...." 

3. Use similes (using like or as to describe)

4. Use some amazing, powerful adjectives

5. Don't forget your commas, capital letters and full stops

6. B-E-A-UTIFUL handwriting 


Have fun writing your own poems and you are more than welcome to upload them onto Google Classroom for me to have a read of if you would like!! 



English and Topic

Remarkable Romans


During this term, we have been looking at the impact that the Romans have had on modern Britain.

In English, we have been looking at writing our own diary entries based on the life of a Roman Soldier. On Friday, we will be planning our diary entries and these plans will be sent home with the children to help them write their final entry. Make sure you remember to get into character as a Roman Soldier, writing your entry in the first person and past tense.


Your success criteria is:


  • Subordinating conjunctions (Whitebus sheet in homework diaries)
  • Time adverbs
  • Paragraphs
  • Vivid vocabulary
  • Thoughts and feelings


Remember to use capital letters, full stops and lovely, cursive handwriting but also your noun phrases and coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).


“You wouldn’t want to be a Roman Soldier” book is attached to this webpage at the bottom so please remember to use this for ideas, information about being a Roman Soldier and key vocabulary linked to the Romans.

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