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Stubbington 2011

Early pictures of the children enjoying their activities.
Picture 1 Discovering pondlife
Picture 2 Teamwork during chaingangs
Picture 3 It's a balancing act!
Picture 4 About to test the shelter!
Picture 5 Pond dipping
Picture 6 Passing the potion!
Picture 7 Admiring our sculpture
Picture 8 Collecting for our sculpture
Picture 9 Marking out the shape
Picture 10 All hands on deck
Picture 11 Working together
Picture 12 Discovery
Picture 13 Teamwork needed here!
Picture 14 Safely across!
Picture 15 Shelter building
Picture 16 Preparing for pond dipping
Picture 17 Identifying pondlife
Picture 18 Teamwork
Picture 19 Pond dipping
Picture 20 Co-operation was needed here!
Picture 21 Pond dipping rules before we begin
Picture 22 Fun at the adventure playground
Picture 23 More fun at the adventure playground!
Picture 24 Preparing for sea sculpture
Picture 25 Preparing for the beach