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Calshot Day 3

First children in bed and asleep by 9:10pm last night, and the rest were silent from 10pm! We've all enjoyed a great night's sleep! 


The birthday boy was woken by a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday from the staff this morning - not so sure the rest of his room-mates appreciated it! 


Some of the children were out in the forest this morning in the rain to do the orienteering, no-one was lost but they all returned rather wet. They then had an afternoon doing windless windsurfing. Sailing was also rather fun in the less than slight breeze for the other groups. A lot of the children finished their afternoon with a jump off the jetty into the sea. Archery was fun this morning, lots of great shooting. 


As we write this at 7:45 tonight the children are all at evening activities, a quiz, rocket making and egg drop. Once that is finished we are off for birthday cake and games before bed. 


Special mentions today for FInlay - reaching top of climbing wall despite fear of heights, Aiden, Harry and Lauren in orienteering, Harrison in archery, Jacob for being 11 and giving us an excuse to eat cake! 

Photos: http://www.poulnerjuniorschool.com/calshot-2017/