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Missing By Imogen

Missing! By Imogen

 “Ding, Ding, Ding” The bell rings. I wake up. Once again finding the white room surrounding me. I can hear my Father knocking on the wall next door, same as every morning. Another day in this mysterious place! No-one`s ever told me what this place is or where! As long as I can remember, I have never seen the light of day. So I just live it, whatever happens… Until now!

Later that day, all my chores are finished and the guards have gone. Lights out.

 “Are you ready?” My Father questioned 

 “Can’t wait!” I replied. Father was cutting the steel bars with a powerful but dangerous knife he had stolen from the guards earlier in the day. Father posted the knife through the bars, clambered out the gap after it, making his way down from the top window.


“Come on we don’t have forever!” He keeps whispering up to me even though I’m coming. I’m rushing through the bars. I can hear someone coming! I slip! “THUD!”  My eyes struggle to open. All I can see is fuzzy colours. I can’t breathe. It feels like my heart has stopped pumping.

“Are you alright?!”  Fathers voice repeatedly echoes around my head.

Confused, I can feel myself being dragged across the ice cold snow. I know Fathers struggling. His breath is coming wildly, white clouds into the bitter cold air. All of a sudden, I can make out the leafless branches, arching over my head. Father stops. He’s gasping for breath desperately. I`m determined to stand on my own two feet. I don’t think I can do it but I just manage to balance.   

Emerging from the distance I can hear booming footsteps heading towards us. It could only be one thing. The guards! I`m assuming that this is my last minute of being here. But no… My Father tells me “run”. So I do! I`m running as fast as I can, but I fall. Blood trickles down my cheek as my mouth fills with grit.Though I’m not worrying about that, I`m worrying about getting away from the guards. I run as far as the eye can see, as far away from them as possible.  Now I`m alone. The wind slaps against my face. I look back to see if the guards are coming, but I can see nothing but the raging lightning!


It’s now been about 8 eight hours since I last saw Father I`m starting to worry about him! A while later I come across a small village but I`m scared, what if someone finds out I`m from the brick building! Not thinking, I sprint into a house whose door was open wide. Upstairs I could hear talking, exactly like Father! I peek around the corner to find a nurse treating Father.It was the best moment of my life! He screams my named as he spots me from the corner of his eye! I run to hug him.