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Belfazhar by Mollie



Was I dreaming? At first I thought I was. The last I could remember, I had fallen asleep in a cardboard box amongst polystyrene chippings. Suddenly, I hear a scratching noise and see a big claw appear above me, a chink of light expanding second by second.


Bright light surrounded me. I saw a pair of black pointed ears like mine, and two emerald green eyes staring down at me. ‘Had the farmer adopted another cat?’ I thought.


“Hello there” bellowed a posh voice. “Who on earth are you?” Looking behind the stranger, I could see I was no longer at home. I felt confused and panicky. “How did I get here? “You arrived in that box with the jam” said the stranger, “ you are in London and my name is Sherlock. “Hi I’m Tom,” I replied shakily. I must be a long way from home, how am I going to get back?”


“I can sort that out, but first lets have some fun!” said Sherlock happily.


I explained to him that I live in Devon at a farmhouse, and spent my time chasing mice and lying in the dusty old barn. He looked interested then turned and ran, shouting “FOLLOW ME!!”


We chased up a spiral staircase, all the way to the top, into a vast bedroom. There in the middle was a tiny 4-poster bed. We leapt onto it, where Sherlock began to explain that his last owner was an old witch and had left him this magic flying bed. When it flies, it becomes invisible.


I was flabbergasted!! What are we waiting for; I’ve always wanted to see London. The magic spell was chanted…BELFAZHAR, BELFAZHAR, HERE IS BELFAZHAR! (Sherlock’s original name)


With a tremendous WOOSH, we were off!! Gigantic sparks flew out of the bed as we accelerated out of the window. In seconds we were following the winding river Thames. Soon little toy like boats appeared.


My ears were buzzing with the level off noise. (I’m used to peace and quiet!!) Vibrating and whirring noises hit my ears. AND SMELLS…stenches such as: the river, car fumes and DRAINS! Then sweet scent of, candyfloss and sugared doughnuts. THE SPEED!

Everything and everyone moving so FAST!!


Soon, Big Ben was in sight, just for fun we whizzed around it 4 times. By now it was 4:00! “Oh no we need to get back my suppers at 5:00!”I shrieked.


“Plenty of time Tommo”said Sherlock, this bed moves at the speed of light!! Next stop London eye. How crazy are people, to be shut in a glass pod! Eventually we reached a familiar sight. The stone lions of Trafalgar Square were like foreboding cat gods to us. We stared in awe.


Tiredness was creeping over us now. “How about some relaxation back at the farm?” I asked. Sherlock nodded enthusiastically.


It seemed like only seconds before we could see in the distance, fields, sheep, cows and the most welcoming sight-MY FARM!!